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Sonoma Millworks

Sonoma Millworks Design

Transform “forgotten history” and bring it back to life.

We resource and resurrect vintage timber only to provide it a new role and purpose in architecture and design. Reclaimed from decades-old architectural salvage, trestles, and failing agricultural structures, Redwood, Douglas fir, and Pine find new life in our artisan crafted farm tables, wall concepts, and flooring. Lightly sanded and otherwise left unfinished, the distinctive character of knots, cracks, and imperfections appeal to our client’s “Appreciation of the Imperfect”.

At Sonoma Millworks Design, we have almost unlimited manufacturing resources. Material is carefully handled, brushed or lightly sanded to ensure the patina is enduring and quite noticeable. Each design is a celebration of authenticity and uniquely one of a kind. We advocate utilizing every cut including the shavings and sawdust. By veneering, as many as six times the surface area can be recovered from a typical board. Laminating repurposed oak, fir, and pine veneers to a plywood substrate can yield almost 100% recovery. We practice a thoughtful and responsible approach to reclaiming nearly 100% of what we bring in. We believe in extracting high quality lumber from our urban environments while protecting diverse biological habitats.