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Welcome To Sonoma Pavilions

Sonoma Pavilions are packaged complete and ready to assemble.

Striking A Chord Within

Sonoma Pavilions are special places for life’s treasured moments. Set apart from the hustle and bustle, they are sanctuaries of tranquility and inspiration. The soaring ceilings of combed spruce exalt the spirit. The low sweeping eaves over generous verandas offer serene enjoyment of natural surroundings. The strength of the massive columns and the delightful simplicity of timber frame joinery impress and intrigue. It is difficult to pinpoint the sublime appeal of these elevated spaces, except to say that we are drawn to them. They seem to evoke a unique emotional response, perhaps rooted in our fondest childhood memories of a treehouse or a secret hideaway. Open and airy with supreme views of natural beauty all around, they are cozy retreats that enhance life’s pleasures.

Striking A Chord Within

Relax, Reflect and Refresh

Consider for a moment the restorative nature of a structure built solely for the good things in life. A place to clear your mind, rediscover your joy and reconnect with your friends. Imagine having no distractions other than songbirds and sunsets.